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Our Privacy Policy

OCO Player Privacy Policy


As a member of the Orchestra, we need to collect and retain details on who you are, your age, school, email address, telephone number, what instruments you play, the names of your instrument teacher(s), and parental contact details so that we can contact you to play in our music events.


We may also retain information about any specific illness or medical condition you inform us about in case you are ill or have certain needs that are relevant to your health when you are rehearsing or playing with us.


As each member of the orchestra is required to complete an application form to join the Orchestra, which includes acceptance of this privacy policy, OCO therefore has a legitimate contractual reason for having this information that is collected on the application form.  


If you inform us of any medical condition relevant to your time spent playing with OCO, then we have the vital interest reasons for holding your medical information.


If you play a concerto with the orchestra, we will normally ask for your Biography which will be used for the programme notes, but programmes are not retained after the concert except for historical archiving purposes.  


We may also use your name for publicity purposes for the concert in which you are playing, and also on the tickets for that event.  We also record a video of the event and take photographs of the group which are used on the OCO website and DVDs which are publicly sold.  Your name may be displayed in the credits of the DVD and on the DVD cover sleeve


If you do not agree with the privacy policy, then although you may play with the orchestra, we will not be able to contact you via email to remind you when rehearsals and events are scheduled which could lead to you being excluded from events, but this information is published on the website which you will be responsible for checking.  It will also be essential that you inform us each and every rehearsal/event to the supervising staff of any specific health issues that are relevant.


OCO are committed to only collecting the minimum amount of personal data to contact you and organise events, and to keep in touch with OCO news.


We confirm that we will not share any of your information with any outside person or organisation except where we need to supply your name and age for events such as the Music for Youth National Festival.  


In each case we will request confirmation before sending this information to these organisations, ensuring that only the minimum necessary information is provided and that we have suitable agreements between us that the information we supply will be protected in the same way that we do.


Your personal information will only be accessible by current OCO committee members.  We will take appropriate steps to protect your personal information and to keep it up to date.  If you would like to see the information we hold about you or need it updating, please contact us (details at the end of this policy).


Once you have provided your personal information to us, we will retain that information for as long as you are a member of the orchestra, or until you contact us to delete it.  Once you leave the orchestra, we will remove all your details from our current member’s records.  


With your agreement we will add just your name and email address to the “Friends of OCO” emailing list on the basis that there is a legitimate interest in future OCO events.