Oxford Concerto Orchestra


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Our Privacy Policy

Friends of OCO Privacy Policy


OCO takes the privacy of its ex-players, parents, friends and interested individuals very seriously.


OCO maintains a “Friends of OCO” emailing list to provide reminders of upcoming OCO events and news.  This information consists of your name, email address and other information about your involvement with OCO such as if you were a player with the Orchestra, a Parent or signed up from our website or concert cards.  OCO has a legitimate interest basis for collecting and processing this information.  


OCO will not share this information with any third parties or non-OCO Committee members.


If you wish to remove your details from our emailing list, once you have confirmed your details to us, then we will action that without delay, and you will receive no future communications from us.


OCO will retain and process your information for 10 years from collection/creation unless you wish us to update or remove it before then, in which case, please contact us at the details at the end of this policy.  


At the end of 10 years, we will contact you to seek your further consent to remain on the “Friends of OCO” emailing list.

OCO will take appropriate technical measures to secure your personal information from unauthorised use.